Dairy, Calf & Steer Feeds

    Bulk Feeds

    Our primary goal at Mark Hershey Farms is to maximize your feeding program to help you make more milk! At the same time, we work closely with the area’s top independent nutritionists to develop effective formulations that will minimize your feeding costs.
    • Calf Starter and Grower Feeds
    • Heifer Developers
    • Dry Cow Feeds
    • Energy Blends
    • Top Dresses
    • Protein Rations
    • Tend-R-Leen® Steer Line or Custom Rations

    Bagged Feeds

    Our most popular line of stock Pellet & Flake Feeds include:
      • 18% Ultimate Choice® Calf Starter with Rumensin (50 lb. bags)
      • 17% Ultimate Choice® Calf Grower with Rumensin (50 lb. bags)
      • 17% Mark Hershey Calf Feed with Deccox (50 lb. bags) - 1,000 lb. minimum order for this item
      • 12% Special Heifer (50 lb. bags) - non-medicated
      • 12% Dairy Beef Feed with Rumensin (50 lb. bags)
      • 12% Steer Feed (50 lb. bags) - non-medicated, 1,000 lb. minimum order for this item

    Milk Replacers

      • 20/20 Milk Replacer - non-medicated
      • 22/20 Milk Replacer
      • 25/20 Milk Replacer

    Custom bagged mixes are also available (1,000 lb. minimum order for custom mixes). Mark Hershey Farms offers bag items that can be purchased directly from our mill, or delivered to your door. Call office for bag delivery schedule and locations.



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