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About Us

Mark Hershey Farms is a feed mill in business since 1936, located at the corner of Rts. 322 & 241 in South Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. We manufacture custom feeds, and are known for our exceptional service and delivery. We can also meet farmersʼ grain storage, lime spreading, and seed purchasing needs. We strive to maintain and exceed the high standards set by our founder, Mark C. Hershey. We are a family friendly mill with strong roots in the community, and we take great pride in our active role in the support and growth of local and regional agriculture.

Our History

mark-hershey-farms-original-farmMark C. Hershey, started in business in 1936 by hatching chickens. By 1955 he had been processing his own chicken feed. Later in 1963 he developed the idea of processing soybeans by steaming and rolling them. Mark knew that feeding a dairy cow these processed beans, called “Soyflakes,” would lead to an increase in milk production, because the protein rich Soyflakes are more easily digested. After the invention of the Soyflake, many local dairy farmers started having Mark make their feeds here at Mark Hershey Farms, helping the business to prosper and grow into what it is today.

After Markʼs death in 1998, the company was willed to the Salvation Army. Because they are a non-profit organization, the Salvation Army could not keep the mill. In January of 2000 it was sold to local grain farmer Daryl Alger. Today Daryl and his team of employees strive to continue the tradition and legacy of Mark Hershey Farms.

The facility that started with just a few small storage bins in 1936, now has the capacity to store 1,300,000 bushels of corn and beans on site. There are steam cookers, roller mills, and hammer mills processing grains around the clock. Two pellet mills are used to create pelleted feeds. There are also two mixers, one main mixer and one textured feed mixer. Today Mark Hershey Farms, Inc. continues to grow to meet the needs of feed customers and grain farmers locally and beyond.

Our Staff

Mark Hershey Farms is a team-oriented company. Most of our mill workers, truck drivers, maintenance, sales, and office staff originate from farming backgrounds and possess a professional and hard work ethic. We all care greatly about manufacturing superior quality feed products, as well as offering industry leading service to feed, grain, seed, and limestone customers.



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