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Mark Hershey Farms is an authorized Monsanto Seed Dealer. We carry the superior and very popular Dekalb and Asgrow brands


DEKALB® Corn Seed Offers:

Seed Corn:planterw brdr


  • A superior-product portfolio supported by the latest Genuity® corn trait technology
  • Industry-leading corn germplasm backed by 100 years of corn breeding experience and advanced breeding technologies
  • Exclusive products that help deliver strong roots and stalks resulting in higher yield potential
  • Better stress and disease tolerance
  • A proven-consistent drydown advantage

DEKALB ® Genuity ® Roundup Ready ® Alfalfa Offers:

Increased, High Quality Yield Opportunity

  • Higher percent purity of alfalfa in hay and haylage.
  • More alfalfa yield opportunity per acre than competitive production systems.
  • Improved Quality:
    • Lower ADF intent (acid detergent fiber).
    • Lower NDF intent (neutral detergent fiber).
    • Higher RFV intent (relative feed value).

Fewer weeds in every bale, resulting in better quality feed

In trials against competitive systems, DEKALB® Genuity® Roundup Ready® Alfalfa, when combined with the weed control benefits of the Roundup Ready® system, consistently provided better overall weed control and significantly fewer pounds of weeds per acre.


ASGROW ® Soybeans:

Asgrow sign w Soybeans

Whether it’s a higher yielding soybean that provides a broad spectrum of weed control with the Roundup Ready® system, or a soybean plant that helps reduce trans-fatty acids, ASGROW has a lot to offer soybean farmers.


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