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Mark Hershey Farms offers Nutrifine® Ground Corn, a product which has demonstrated increased results in milk production for many of our dairy customers. We grind the whole shelled corn to 3/32” screen in our state-of-the-art Hammer Mill. As a result of this process, cows experience improved digestion and maximum utilization of the cornʼs nutritional properties. Our customerʼs dairy cows have had average increases in milk production of 3 lbs. per cow per day, and some have had increases as high as 10 lbs. per cow per day after feeding the Nutrifine® Ground Corn. The corn serves as a popular replacement to high moisture corn because it is consistently dry, which helps minimize mycotoxins and storage loss for the farmer. The corn is also available as an ingredient in custom mixed feeds. We can show you how feeding Mark Hershey Farms Nutrifine® Ground Corn can save you money in the long run, call us today!



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